The Witcher 3 – Witcher medaillon

The witcher medallion is made of pure silver and represents a wolf head – the symbol of the profession and brotherhood of the witcher. It responds sensitively to magic and begins to vibrate as the wearer of the amulet comes to a magical source, spells are cast or magically gifted persons are in the immediate vicinity such as magicians, wizards or geniuses.



Effects in the game:

Read all the entries on the stop boards in the various settlements. There you will get witcher orders in which it is against evil monsters. On the other hand also markings on the map in the form of big question marks. In the areas around these question marks there are special places with mini quests that you can do. Mostly, they are hidden or guarded treasures, bandits, monsters or abandoned places. Do not ignore them, because they bring you some advantages in the game.


Guarded treasures

To get to guarded treasures you must mostly defeat a slightly stronger monster of any kind, for which you should prepare for higher levels of difficulty according to the monster type with potions and oils. After the death of the beast you can quietly search for a chest or other usable object, using your witcher mind. Often there are special equipment parts but more often craft schemes.


Hidden treasures

Even with hidden treasures some monsters are usually humming. Do this in peace, so you can search the area. If you use your sorceresses you shouldn’t miss any places or objects. This can sometimes be a corpse, a hidden cave entrance or something else. There, valuable prey is found in the form of objects or schemes too.


Bandits camp

These camps are quite simple but you always have to deal with several enemies at once. Just get rid of the bandits who are romping around there and look for a chest. As always, items and schemas, but sometimes notes that start a smaller quest are waiting for you.


Monster nests

The monsters‘ breeding grounds are also not a big problem. Check before the attack, if you have at least a suitable bomb in the inventory otherwise meditate simply a round so that used bombs replenish themselves. Kill the monsters around the nest and then place a bomb there using „Use“. The nest explodes and leaves alchemical raw materials.


Abandoned Places

Abandoned places are very interesting. If you kill the monsters or bandits that are floating around, the original inhabitants return. This will sometimes make new traders or even quest questors available that you would not otherwise be able to address. If you have completed one of the special places completely, you will recognize at the latest on the world map, if its symbol is grayed out.