MekaMon Battlebots

Photo: Reach Robotics


Small robots are catapulted by augmented reality in your apartment in fantasy scenarios. MekaMon brings the future into the game room.

Do you remember the Mecha Monsters? Almost two years ago the young company Reach Robotics presented a very abstract idea. For the creators wanted to let toy robots fight against each other. Via app the machines should not only be controlled but also be virtualized. Through a crowdfunding campaign one wanted to finance the idea.


MekaMon catapults robots into the home

And now? Go with MekaMon in January 2017. With a new name and a more elaborate approach one would like to inspire big and small. And everything works as promised, it could be exciting. It costs $ 329 for a robot, which is again operated by smartphone. What is new, however, is the augmented Reality functionality. Your floor will be covered by computer-generated content thanks to a special mat. So to speak, the bot moves through partly real, partly fictitious locations. If desired, this is shown on the TV screen.


Multiplayer battles

A corner more fascinating could be the multiplayer battles. Because as planned at Mecha Monsters, you are directing robots against robots. You should even improve this before and equip with new gadgets, but they cost extra and are attached directly to the MekaMon. Clever – you can earn money with accessories. But at a price of 599 USD for the Ultimate Battle Pack with two „spiders“, this is already a huge entrance into this world.

The sale already started you can buy the Lone Wolf Limited Edition directly on the official website. The delivery begins in early 2017. And later, extensions and certainly more models follow – if MekaMon works well and arrives. It’s all very charming, isn’t it?