Air Selfie

On the crowdfunding platform kickstarter, there is a new drones project, the AirSelfie drone. More and more selfie drones have come to the market lately and are gaining in popularity. The goal is to capture a moment with a drone quickly and easily. There are many occasions to use a selfie drone. At parties, on vacation, with friends or similar moments you can use a selfie drone to capture the moment. The AirSelfie drone wants to be the best selfie drone on the market. The concept is unique and refreshingly new. The AirSelfie drone itself is very small and light. There is a cover in which both the mobile phone and the selfie drone fit. So you always have everything you need and can easily put both into the pants or jacket pocket.


Benefits and features

The AirSelfie drone can float independently on the spot. To do this sensors are mounted on the underside and a camera pointing to the ground is mounted. The propellers are installed in the housing of the quadrocopter so that they are protected. You control the AirSelfie drone exclusively with your own smartphone. The matching app will give it free for iOS and Android. Three different flight modes are available to the pilot. In the selfie mode, you have virtual flightsticks on the smartphone and can remove or approach the drone to create perfect recordings. With the Selfie Motion Control mode you can control the drone conventionally where you want. The last mode is Flying mode, where you can have the drone float on the spot.



The AirSelfie drone has a fixed 5MP camera with which you can make great selfies as well as breathtaking aerial recordings. Since the camera is firmly installed it has no gimbal. A Gimbal is a balancing system that balances flight, wind and self recordings. There is also an electronic image stabilization, which ensures straight and wiggle-free recordings. The AirSelfie drone has neither of the two systems. Vibration absorbers should ensure that the recordings still do well. Since the AirSelfie drone can float on the spot succeed nevertheless good photos, especially selfies. An FPV function is not integrated (First Person View). The FPV function can be used to control the drone from a cockpit perspective. The live image of the camera is sent in real time to the smartphone of the pilot.